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About the group

Professor Jacqueline Batley established the Batley lab when she moved to The University of Queensland in 2007. In August 2014 she moved to the University of Western Australia where she is an ARC Future Fellow in the School of Plant Biology. She has held consecutive competitively awarded fellowships from the Australian Research Council (ARC QEII, ARC Future Fellowship) since 2008. The group receives funding from the Australian Research Council, the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the Australia India Strategic Research Fund and several industry partners to undertake research in Brassica genetics and genomics.

Research Projects

The main research focus of the Batley lab is genetics and genomics. We work in a range of crop and pathogen species, including soybean, macadamia, lotus, wheat, banana and chickpea, but primary research focus is on the agricultural oilseed crop Brassica napus (canola), and its interactions with the disease-causing fungus Leptosphaeria maculans (blackleg). Related research projects include identification of blackleg disease resistance genes in canola and investigation of the blackleg genome through next-generation sequencing and high-throughput molecular marker approaches. New projects are investigating the role of structural variation in the Brassica genomes, specifically in relation to disease resistance. In conjunction with this our lab works to develop SNP molecular marker resources and in characterising genetic diversity in Brassica species. Other research projects involve investigation of remnant symbiosis genes in Brassica species, finding "recombination cold spots" in the Brassica genomes and the development of new crop species through evolutionary breeding approaches. We are embarking on population genomic studies of the pathogen in order to understand more of the interaction

Group Members

The group is led by Prof Jacqueline Batley and consists of several full time researchers and PhD students.


There are current positions available at all levels including Postdoc, Researcher, PhD student and Intern. For consideration, please forward your cv and cover letter to


We publish widely in the fields of genetics and genomics.