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My Story

I initially joined Batley Lab in 2012 and completed my PhD in "Crop Genomics" in 2019. Following my doctoral studies, I gained valuable experience as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba, Canada. Upon returning to the University of Western Australia, I assumed the role of Research Officer at Batley Lab. Over time, due to my exemplary performance and dedication, I was promoted to the position of Research Associate. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of managing Professor Batley's lab. My research expertise spans genetics, genomics, and plant pathology, with a primary focus on plant-pathogen interactions. I specialise in the Brassica napus-Leptosphaeria maculans and B. napus-Verticillium longisporum pathosystems. My work encompasses plant pathology methodologies to identify and diagnose fungal pathogens in the field and laboratory settings. Furthermore, I apply bioinformatics and computational biology techniques to analyse genomic data. In my research endeavours, I have demonstrated proficiency in genomics and genomic structural variation genotyping, including SNP genotyping, KASP, and QTL studies. My diverse skill set and extensive experience contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in crop genomics and plant pathology.

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