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Welcome to Batley Lab

At Batley Lab, we are dedicated to advancing plant biology, genetics and genomics research. The team comprises passionate students and scientists committed to making significant contributions to the field.


Current Opportunities

We are currently seeking talented individuals to join the team at various levels, including:

Postdoctoral Researchers: Engage in cutting-edge research projects that aim to unravel the mysteries of plant-microbe interactions, genetics, genomics, and biotechnology.

PhD Students:  Embark on an exciting journey of discovery and innovation as you pursue your doctoral studies in plant genomics and related fields.

Interns: Gain hands-on experience and valuable insights into the world of plant science through our internship program.



Ideal candidates should have a strong foundation in one or more of the following areas:

Plant Biology
Plant-microbe interaction
Complex data analysis

How to Apply

To be considered for any of our current opportunities, please send your CV and cover letter to We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.

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