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The researchers in the Batley Lab publish widely in the genetics and genomics field. This has been evidenced by Jacqueline Batley's regular reporting in the top journals worldwide. Of her >210 journal articles, ~40% are ranked in the top five per cent amongst journals in that category. Read on to explore a selection of our team’s most recent 2022 articles.

Publications: Publications

The crop wild relatives (CWRs) of the domesticated Brassicaceae species can be used to improve disease resistance by introgressing CWRs' favourable alleles into the crop members. The availability of cloned resistance genes (R genes) and genomic data in Brassicaceae species opens the opportunity to survey disease R gene homologs across genomic databases. This paper provides a list of resistance gene analogs (RGAs) homologous to cloned R genes providing an opportunity to explore gene function. CWRs with exotic genetic libraries provide rare RGAs which could be a disease resistance GMO-alternative to Brassicaceae crops. Several CDRHs have also been found in less explored disease resistance like Alternaria black spot, bacterial leaf spot, black rot, grey mould, and powdery mildew in Brassicaceae crops, and the RGAs obtained are a valuable starting reference for future studies.

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